Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be Definitely Sure What You Mean With ‘Success’

By Arswino Sonata

What success really is? Do you call it a success when you own a lot of money, a luxurious car, a mansion with swimming pool or a big company? Are you a successful person when you’ve got a lot of important friends or when you are promoted to a high ranking official?

Well, it might not be so! Could you comprehend this true story about the owner of a big company who jumped to his death from the top of a multi storied hotel? You may have heard of similar tragedies now and then that took place somewhere. It seems that enormous wealth, popularity or important status does not necessarily guarantee anyone’s success.

Experts have tried for long to define “success’ and they concluded that in general, success is somehow always closely related to how much happiness is present in your life. Success and happiness form an inseparable pair. You just can’t claim any success if your family is unhappily in a terrible mess even if you‘ve got great wealth and fame.

But this should not mislead you into justifying that being financially poor and infamous is all right as long as you could feel happy. You see, it is very unlikely you could feel so if you being poor, are suffering from a severe illness that requires costly treatment, not to mention what the future will hold for your children whose education you can’t afford to pay.

So you need to balance your success with managing a happy life of yours. It is truly your deserved success when at the same time you are living a happy life.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving Through Plateaus To Success

By Kevin Sinclair

Do you feel you have reached a plateau in working towards your goal. Don't get too discouraged, plateaus are normal. In fact, why not give yourself a pat on the back for how far you have actually come. When you first started moving towards your goals, you probably made some big strides and you got really excited about your progress. You probably thought you would achieve your goals in no time at all. Then you find your progress slows and you reach a plateau where there seems to be no progress at all. You are not alone.

Everyone reaches periods in which they plateau before moving forward again. It is just natural. You start out with a steep learning curve whenever you begin a new project. However, once you have got the basics down you may well begin to ask yourself "What am I supposed to do next?" or "I know what I should do, but just can't seem to manage it."

All growth happens in stages. From the time we are conceived our growth is exponential. Yet, from the moment our cells divide and multiply till our birth it will still take nine months. It will still be another year before we can confidently walk and then another fifteen years before we begin to drive. Do you realize that if a human being continues to grow at the same rate they did in the womb, they would be many times larger than that car!

Dieting is a good example of how this works. You can lose a lot of pounds quickly, and so you continue to expect the same amount of weight loss every week. Unfortunately, this is not the way your body works. Over time you do not lose weight as quickly as at the beginning of your diet. The main thing is that you continue to lose weight and that you do not regain it. It is far better to aim for a healthy lifestyle change than to simply target weight loss.

Most of us have heard kids say they can't wait till they grow up. We can probably remembering saying it ourselves when we were kids. The thing is, growing up seems to take such a long time, but everyone grows up in the end. Sometimes growth seems to plateau but it is still happening, just a lot slower than you want.

Just relax and stop worrying. Have some fun, take the time to get an education, learn from people who already have the success you want and enjoy where you are at right now. Sometimes we are moving forward when we feel like we are standing still. This is because we may not see any external signs of progress. However, there can be plenty of changes occurring on the inside which will eventually help us to achieve our goals. If you try to rush things, you can actually get in your own way. If you destroy a cocoon, you will destroy the butterfly. The incubation stage is also very important.

Top athletes and performers use their imagination to break through genuine performance plateaus. By visualizing the perfect accomplishment of their goals with clarity and strong emotion, they can achieve things they never thought possible. So can you. You can develop a daily visualization ritual and practice it until you achieve your goal in real life. This is a powerful practice that can break your plateau quickly.

The main thing to remember is to keep going and not give up. Keep practicing. Remember the old saying "perfect practice makes perfect" and persist until you get it right. Sometimes the breakthrough comes when we least expect it and surprise ourselves. Plan to celebrate and enjoy the moment you break through your plateau.

Don't be surprised when you hit the next plateau. You can expect to reach another one sooner or later. Perhaps you can use your plateaus as natural rest stops. By being disciplined and focused you can move from one plateau to the next. You may need to be a bit creative and willing to experiment to move from one plateau to the next. This is often how athletes break records. Above all, act with integrity. Achieving your goals is not about winning at all costs, it is about becoming the best you can be.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

When Is The Best Time To Start Goal Setting?

By Koz Huseyin

When is the best time to start goal setting? Is it when we are young, in our 20's, 30's or even when we reach retirement? Should we start goal setting when getting a job or even in education? Or should we start when going on vacation or not at all. In this article, you will discover more about the best time to start setting goals.

* Why Is Goal Setting Important In The First Place?
The process of goal setting is designed to focus us in a direction of our choosing. It is a conscious decision that we embark on.

This answer alone can give us clues to the importance of goal setting. Think for a moment, if you did not have a goal in the morning to go to work, you would not be able to get anywhere!

But, this answer gives us a false description of goal setting. Because now, we can easily think that everyone sets goals, and now the article goes out the window! But, the truth is that there is a big difference to the goal setting that goal setters do, and those that everyone else does. It is called conscious goal setting.

* When Is The Best Time To Start Goal Setting?
So, when is the best time to actually start goal setting? The best time is as soon as possible! Think for a moment about all these people who have a hard time getting up on Monday mornings! We all have been through that. It usually means that we work, not for the pleasure of work, but for another reason, money, so it can fuel our lifestyle.

You see, goal setters don't always live easily lives. Can't paint a rosy picture like that; however, there is a vast difference. People, who goal set are more likely to wake up on Monday morning enthusiastic about the day.

Quicker we can start to set goals, the quicker you can make your life go in a direction that you like. This is the world of conscious goal setting. Not, the New Year resolutions, but what you do all the time.

The best time to start goal setting then becomes, as young as possible. However, if you are reading this, you likely are a full grown adult. So, if you have not set goals before, it is important to start as soon as possible.

* Advice To Parents About Goal Setting
Goal setting is a fascinating topic. When we set goals, we automatically become successful people. When we set goals, we find that we can define success, and measure success. When we do this, we can build confidence, and live amazing lives.

When you take this goal setting, and hand it to your children with encouragement, you will discover that your children achieve more. From the grades they get, to later life, goal setting creates positive, happy, and successful people. It is one great gift you can give your children.

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