Monday, December 22, 2008

Dare to Sacrifice - The Next Step Towards the Top of Success

By Arswino Sonata

This heading might annoy most readers who have unsuccessful lives. Naturally none of them are willing to live that kind of life. It is basically human that in our lives we are always in pursuit of comfort and security that come with successful life.

People normally have some dreams they hope to achieve. No one wants to live a life of failure. But regretfully only a few are willing and determined to suffer in making their dreams come true and in reaching success.

Personal sacrifices, whether it is your time, money or energy, are preconditions you have to make in order to realize your dreams. Any dream, however simple, still requires some of your time, money or energy. Nothing is free.

“To realize your dreams, you must dare to pay the price”, a wise man once said. If it is easy to have everything, most likely no one will live in misery, no one will live in poverty. But we know it can never be.

Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France champion is one true phenomenon. He fought against his cancer while competing tirelessly for championship, and amazingly he won them both! But it took Armstrong about ten hours of cycling training, four hours of reading and only five hours of sleep each day to make it to the top. And this price he paid is proportional to his great achievement of winning the Tour de France seven times, so far a world record.

You might by chance had a talk with some successful people around you and you would find that their success were not without sacrifices. Going bankrupt, working day and night, living strict economical life with whatever meals they got, finding no time for their families were just some of so many sacrifices that they must made to pull through.

But you must have faith that such sacrificing is only temporary. One day in the future you will enjoy the sweet prize of your sacrifices and hard works. You reap what you have sown. Sowing good seeds (hard work, sacrifice etc.) will result in abundant harvest. On the contrary, bad seeds (laziness, no sacrificing etc.) will produce little or even nothing.

Just contemplate this touching wise words: “to be successful you have to suffer first, but you will suffer much more if you are not successful.”

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