Thursday, October 16, 2008

20 Key Time Management Tips

By Sharon Alexander

Learning how to manage your time isn't always easy. This is because many times, people get caught up in devising time management methods and then have little time left to complete the actual tasks.

There are simple steps you can take that allow you to focus the majority of your time completing tasks at hand. Once you start repeating these steps, they will become part of your daily routine and you will never have to think about them again.

Time management is more than re-arranging your time, it's a way to manage your day in order to reduce stress, meet necessary deadlines and become more successful in your job.

Below, you will find 20 tips that can help you manage your time during the day and allow you to have more free time in your life:

- Create a list of daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks so you can determine the best ways to complete them

- Prioritize tasks so the most important ones are completed first

- Group similar tasks together in order to get them done faster

- Use technology such as email, voice mail, electronic calendars, etc. to save time

- Arrange meetings a few days in advance so everyone is aware of them

- Set weekly and monthly goals that are realistic

- Delegate responsibilities if possible

- Plan ahead as much as possible

- Try to make important decisions as soon as possible

- Determine which tasks take up the most time and try to find ways to increase productivity in those areas by delegating, rethinking your goals or finding time saving ways to complete the task in less time

- Form time management habits such as checking your email as soon as you arrive to work each morning or finishing paperwork in the afternoon

- Organize your office so everything you need is within reach or accounted for. Order supplies before you run out so you don't have to track them down later on

- When waiting for a client, get some work done such as reviewing documents, updating your calendar or planning another meeting

- Designate specific times during the day for returning or making phone calls

- Keep your desk and the rest of your office clutter free by putting all files, books and other paperwork away before you leave each day. Rinse out coffee mugs or throw away uneaten food items as well

- Don't over schedule your day as this may cause conflict. Be as flexible as possible when it comes to last-minute meetings

- Don't put large projects off until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to complete them

- Ask for help when you need it

- Try not to procrastinate

- Update all phone numbers, email and other contacts using a spread sheet program when you receive any change notifications.

These are basic tips that anyone can learn to use when trying to manage their time wisely. Keep in mind that some days will just be busier than others, so just try to do your best each day.

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