Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your Biggest Enemy on Your Way to Freedom

You are already free. Freedom is your real nature. But there is something that constantly prevents you from experiencing your freedom. It's your Ego. And the more you realize and recognize it, the more you will feel free.

What is your ego? Your ego is the image of yourself you have created in order to be accepted by society, by others. It began early in your childhood. When you were a child your parents and other people judged and criticized you. They didn't accept you just as you are. They tried to change you, to make you a person that will fit them, the person they will be able to control. The person, whose presence they will not feel. The person that will not cause them trouble or change their routine.

As you see, trying to educate you, people mostly did not care about you, but about themselves. But you were a little child, who was dependent on adults for survival. So you developed your ego, your false identity that has a purpose to please and satisfy others. That was the only way you could get what you need and what you want.

Step by step you have built self definition. You have started loving some parts of you, because the society accepts them; and hate your other qualities, because the society did the same.

Time passed. You are not really depending on anyone anymore. But here is the power of bad habit. You regularly treat yourself through the eyes of society, so often that you've adopted their "voice" of judgment.

Now you're continuing to identify yourself with that false image that was created in order to satisfy others. You're experiencing everything through your ego. You're not free anymore to be yourself, but this is the only way you can really experience freedom.

So what is the solution? How can you be more you and less your ego? Here are just some of the points you have to relate:

  • Practice meditation
  • Reduce self judgment
  • Learn to totally express yourself
  • Practice the state of mind of success, wealth and freedom
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