Monday, January 12, 2009

The Most Important Step Towards Freedom and Happiness

What do you think you should do to be really happy? I heard a lot of different answers:

  • I have to be rich
  • To love what I have or do
  • I need a good family and friends
  • And other variations...
But none of them is complete answer. So, listen carefully: In order to live in happiness and freedom "you have to be absolutely, totally, completely YOU! You have to express yourself full power in all possible ways of expression" — it is the requirement of your soul in this life.

The meaning of this for everyone is different, because everyone has different potential, DNA, information that he/she carries inside. Everyone has different desires, and loves different kinds of people, things and activities.

Until you repress your unique desires and try to be anything except yourself and to do anything except what you like, you will limit your happiness and freedom.

If you want your life to be absolutely fulfill, it also not enough to do only one thing you like, and ignore others. For example: if you like to dance, to sing and to help people to improve their lives, don't limit yourself to doing only one of these activities. Find the time and opportunity to do all of them. You cannot imagine how your life will become more exciting, fulfill and satisfying then.

It's really not so easy in our society to be absolutely yourself. People are constantly judging you, and trying to make you only a "biological robot", in order to control you. But tell me and yourself the truth: what is really important for you:
  • Stay small, dependent and weak person, who want to satisfy others and to let them control and use you.
  • Or become a free person, start living beautiful and exciting life and help others to do the same.
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