Friday, August 22, 2008

How To Set Short And Long Term Goals

By Koz Huseyin

Is there a science to setting short and long term goals? And how do you set short and long term goals? As you read this article, you will find my personal chart on how to set short and long term goals.

Setting goals is great, however, what about the time? The question then becomes - how to set short and long term goals. Here is my chart with explanations on how to set short and long term goals.

(Long Term Goals)
- Lifetime
- 10 Years
- 5 Years
- 3 Years
- 2 Years

Long term goals are where it all begins. If you find that you are trying to set short term goals only, then you will not go far. Jesus for example was a very long term goal setter. His inspiration and divine message came to us with a long term view.

For most people, they look day to day, week to week. Making your goals stem from the long term, will mean you are a ship going forward, rather than trying to tackle a storm.

(Mid Range Goals)
- 1 Year
- 6 Month

Mid range goals are excellent. They are more tangible. Though they can seem like a while away, they still feel closer than thinking about a decade or a lifetime. Here is where adjustments are made, that take you towards your long term goals.

(Small Range Goals)
- 3 month goals
- 1 month goals
- Fortnightly goals

Small range goals are round the corner! They are goals which are easily set, and workable. Though they won't be large commitments, the incremental successes with these goals will take you forward to your long term vision.

(Personal Time)
- Weekly Goals

Most people stick here. It is the weekly pay check. It is what people are doing over the weekend, etc. These goals fall into what I call personal time. They can be great to measure, and see your progress.

(Personal Time - Micro Time)
- Daily Goals
- Hourly Goals
- Sub Hour and Minute Goals (every 30 or 15 minutes, and even a minute)

This area of goal setting is micro time, and personal time. Here is where action falls. And here is where it will make or break your future. If you want to breakthrough to success, you will need to take actions that lead you to your long term vision.

* How To Set Short And Long Term Goals
If you're wondering how you take this information, and how to set short and long term goals, you will need to think about the long term. The long term is the domain of the goal setter and goal achiever. When you can break down goals effectively into bite size pieces then you can succeed.

Success in the long term is born from success in the short term. Most people don't succeed because they focus on the short term, and forget the long term. Like ships at harbor, they bop up and down, but never move forward to distant lands.

Your vision is round the corner, but to get there, you will need to take action. But, first, you will need to know where you want to go. Don't do what many do, and wait because they don't know what they want. You need to focus on what you want.

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