Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do You Have A Millionaire Mind?

By Daegan Smith

While there are individuals born wealthy, there are those who attended good schools and attained college degrees that paved for their financial success; and there are others who even without a degree have managed to become wealthy.

Thus, people can’t understand and wonder that while some are trying to work so hard as employees to get by their finances, others — some did not reach college at all — are very much financially comfortable, having enough fortune to last a lifetime.

Are there secrets to their success? What do they know that makes them so wealthy?

There is no secret. The answer to this lies in each one. It’s just all in their way of thinking. Rich and successful individuals program their minds to be successful; they have what is known as a “millionaire mindset”. This sets the financially successful persons apart from all the rest.

In fact, according to psychologists, all individuals possess a certain characteristic to be successful and be a millionaire! All are born to be winners; however only a few understands this and recognize this ability to benefit and exploit the chances and possibilities buried inside your mind.

The hidden and unconscious idea and beliefs you have concerning wealth, money and success will decide the results that you will acquire in your life.

Your mind is extremely powerful. It has the power to either be of advantage to you and help achieve your goal, or keep you from attaining success that you aspire in your business.

For instance, when you think that wealth or money is difficult to acquire, then definitely you will find it hard acquiring money or obtaining success. Despite all your hard work to attain and accomplish goal or objective, you'll continuously lack to some extent something that is vital to your achievement and success.

When you discover that you possess a poor or deficient mindset, there is still a chance that you can change your way of thinking. Here’s how:

1. Bring an end to all negative and unconstructive thoughts. Instead contemplate on positive ideas and beliefs. Never think bad about others, always see the good side in each one.

2. Visualize. Work first on your mind before you work hard on acquiring money. Don’t be troubled with your bills constantly, never let it get in your way. Act and find ways to solve such problems. Visualize that you have already the cash that is needed and hang onto that image.

3. Take responsibility for all that you do. Do not blame others for the problems that you are facing. Remember that you are responsible for all that you do, and the results that come out of it. With this, try to understand that you can accomplish and reach whatever you desire from your life.

5. Give emphasis on only the positive. As what the law of attraction says, you magnetize whatever or anything that you give attention or concentration to. Meaning that when you concentrate on what it is that you want, ultimately, you can have it. People can generate vibration with thoughts and feelings. What you draw to yourself, including situations and individuals, is the outcome of what you created. Consequently, if you generate a bad vibration, everyone around you will feel it.

6. Love whatever you do. You can not spend long hours of work if you are not enjoying it, if you do not love it. You will really find success only if you enjoy what you do. When you love your work, you will not notice hours that go by when working because you are enjoying it. It will not be work, but a passion, that you will strive to give quality results.

7. Believe in yourself. Believe and trust that you are worthy to receive only the best and the finest that this lifetime can give and you will definitely be provided and blessed.

8. Do not envy the success of others. Be happy when others achieve something, when others are blessed; meaning, be glad in the achievement of others so that you create a positive attitude and you can attract good vibrations.

Try and develop a millionaires mind. This will not only lead you to wealth and success, but also a life of contentment and abundance of friends. That is, if we really look deep into it, wealth is not only based on money, but on friendship, that is your true treasures.

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