Sunday, May 4, 2008

All Important Steps For Goal Setters

By Koz Huseyin

Why are we setting goals in the first place? Why are you a goal setter? The answer must be to achieve a worthy ideal. You want to get from a, to b. And you want to get there in the shortest possible time. Join me, as we look at the important steps for goal setters.

Setting goals has many benefits. For one, you get to be a director of your own life. You choose the destination, rather than having others choose the destination for you. However, for many goal setters, we find that a lot of our goals may not materialize in reality.

#1 - Think
The first all important steps to goal setting is to think. By this, you should have something you want or desire, which you don't have currently in your life. Without thinking about what you want, you can't act on it!

For many people this stage is thinking about what we like in life, and would like to invite into our own lives. By thinking of a worthy ideal, as goal setters we can start to make more important decisions on the goal.

#2 - Decide
The next all important step for setting goals is to look at that desire, that want. Do you really want to achieve this goal? Would you really like that goal achieved in your world? Often we can go into directions without giving it thought. If a goal is going to take years to achieve, do you really want to go in that direction?

Once you have considered these questions, it is now time to decide. Without a decision, we are not ready to move forward. Decision is the key. To decide is to cut off. Decision is burning the bridges so that you are left with no option but to go forward.

#3 - Set
Another important step for goal setters is to actually set that goal. By setting, you have decided, you have begun on a new journey, the journey to achieve this goal.

Some goal setters get stuck with how to set a goal. However, by setting, by deciding, by planning, and giving more thought to your goal, you are setting it as a plan of action.

#4 - Act
The next important step in the important steps for goal setters is to act. Without action a goal can only ever stay as a dream. Action must be taken to get your dream, your vision, your desire, your goal and outcome into reality.

This is going to take the most time. You will need to put in action. To lift a small weight needs less effort, whereas to lift a heavy weight requires more effort. If you have a big goal, you will need to take massive action.

#5 - Persist
The last of the process of the important steps for goal setters is to persist. Often we hear that in general, we are all good starters, but bad finishers. Goal setting is nothing without action, and without persistent action, we will always be several steps away from our goal.

To achieve a goal needs persistence. You can't be like a bomb that makes a big impact once and disappears. You must be consistent and persistent. And with that you will be like the Sun who with its constant and persistent life giving light, has enabled beings to inhabit this world for billions of years.

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