Monday, July 7, 2008

Get To The Top - Step By Step

By Kevin Sinclair

What are your goals and dreams? So gigantic they make your stomach hurt - just a little? Or are they small, easily achievable and bore you to death?

Goals and dreams can range in stature from small and unassuming to larger than life itself. Which type of goal is the best you may ask? Well, it's good to have both types of goals if you can.

Goals which "scare" you a bit are important. Goals and dreams are intended to stretch your thoughts, your capabilities and your personality, to change you into a new person. No matter how far away it seems, your goals should help you to find the kind of life you consider to be ideal.

History repeatedly informs us about folk who had big dreams regardless of the fact that people around them were all too quick to tell them to keep their feet on the ground. This is, in fact, the case with many successful people whatever their professions - they were all told to get their head out of the clouds at some time in their lives.

You really should not be afraid to have big goals and dreams. If you set yourself a goal which is so far out of your reach, not only will you feel nervous and excited about it at the same time, but you will know exactly how successful you have been when you have achieved that goal.

Nonetheless, it is also necessary to set small achievable goals. You have to believe in yourself as your success depends on this. If the big goal you have in mind is a little too far out of your reach at the present time, start by setting yourself smaller goals. When you are successful with the small goals you will realize just how much more you can achieve.

The small goals you set can be something as straightforward as going to the gym so many times each week or working your way through a list of books to read. Any goal you reach will make you feel good about yourself and will boost your self confidence. Start with small goals but keep your eye on the big goal for the future. You will soon get there once your self esteem is high and flying.

Check the small goals off your list as you achieve them. These will act as stepping stones and help you to believe you can reach your big goal.

Overall success comes from setting both of these types of goals. The bigger ones will help motivate you to success and the little ones assist you to gain the required discipline and confidence as you go.

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Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of Be Successful News, a site that provides information and articles on how to succeed in your own home or small business.

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